In January 1962 history was made when a primary school was established for Dale College. This was brought about by the insistence of the Department of Education who viewed the phenomenal growth of Dale College with concern. The College enrolment had exceeded the number prescribed for a single school. A school committee was elected in April. The first chairman of the school committee was the Rev J A Hendricks.

The first school in King William’s Town was a military one and when the civilians of the town were excluded from attending this school a public school was started in 1877, but Dale College dates its beginning to 1861 when a “Public Undenominational School for Boys” was created by the Borough of King William’s Town.

Various buildings were used for the school and finally in 1877 the school committee raised 3000 pounds which was augmented by a loan and Sutton House was built. (Sutton House was sold in 1996 and is today the Sutton Square Shopping Centre.) The foundation stone of Sutton House was laid by Sir Bartle Frere on 6 September 1877.

Sir Langham Dale, Superintendent General of Education, was asked to allow his name to be attached to the new institution and his coat of arms to be used. Hence the title was born, “Dale College”.

Soon the Sutton building proved inadequate and so plans were made to erect a new building, immediately behind Sutton House in Albert Road. The building, the present home of Dale Junior, was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. The foundation stone was laid by Mr James W Weir on 20 March 1907.

In 1925 the number had again outgrown the accommodation facilities. A new building for the primary section of the school was built on the corner of Queens Road and Kings Road. In January 1928 Mr J A Hall was appointed as Chief Primary Assistant, a position he held for 32 years.

In 1960 the High School section of Dale College moved into the new school and so the Junior Section moved into the red brick building in Albert Road. In 1960 Mr T W Higgs was appointed as Chief Primary Assistant.

The first Headmaster of the new Dale College Boys’ Primary School, Mr D V Taylor, was welcomed at a special assembly in February 1962. During the first two years a Parent Teachers’ Association was established and the first hostel, Taylor House, was established in Gordon Street. James Hendricks House was opened in 1964.

The first chairman of the school committee, Rev J A Hendricks, passed away in 1973 and was succeeded by Mr Henry Nash. The retirement of Mr D V “Dummy” Taylor in 1976 marked the end of an era at Dale Junior after 14 years at the helm. He was succeeded by Mr Ken Schaefer.

In 1980 Mr Schaefer was appointed Headmaster of Selborne Primary and so Mr Roy Taylor, son of Mr Dummy Taylor, was appointed in his place. In his report at the end of 1981, Mr Taylor reported an enrolment of 381, the highest in the history of the school. In the space of three years the chairmanship for the school committee changed three times with Mr N Zasman taking over from Mr Nash and then being followed by Mr A Roberts and then Mr Mickey Webb.

Throughout the history of the school we find a never-ending drive to obtain better facilities in the form of sports fields, more classrooms and hostel facilities. In 1983 the Department purchased the old Convent building and 110 boys moved into our own hostel at the beginning of 1984. The purchase of this building also meant that the school acquired a swimming pool. The school acquired two fields below the R W Searle track and two tennis courts adjacent to the hostel building. Apart from the amenities mentioned, the Department also purchased the Marydale building as the Headmaster’s residence.

Mr Roy Taylor resigned from teaching at the end of 1989. He was succeeded by Mr Roger Budler. Mr Colin Ogden became chairman of the Governing Body in 1992. During the Budler era a third sports field was levelled above the two existing ones. The pavilion was upgraded and a second storey now houses a viewing platform and tuckshop.

In 1991 the school was opened to all races. At the end of 1995, Mr Budler reported a total enrolment of 576, the highest in the history of the school. Sutton House was sold during 1996 where a shopping complex now stands.

Mr R H S Budler resigned in August 1995 to take up a teaching post in Australia. He was succeeded by Mr Michael Hosty.

With Mr Hosty at the helm, the audio-visual room was established along with two significant upgrades of the computer centre. Student teacher learnership was introduced as well as sports’ cultural and academic tours. An Occupational Therapy room was opened in the Foundation Phase section of the school and is used twice a week.

Mr Hosty’s presidency of the N.U.E. was a bonus for the staff and he used his position to encourage them to attend many professional development and growth courses.

Toward the end of 2004 he married Mrs Diane Smith. He left Dale Junior at the end of 2004 to take up the post of Headmaster of Western Province Preparatory School in Cape Town.

Mr Grant Williams was appointed as the new headmaster of Dale Junior in January 2006. At the end of the first term in 2010, Mr Williams took up a post as Headmaster of Fishhoek Primary School in Cape Town.

Ms Patricia Thatcher was appointed as the first lady Principal of an all-boys’ college in April 2010.